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IT industry is a fast pace industry. To stay ahead of the competition, IT professionals must keep up with the latest trends and technologies. They also need to be able to adapt quickly to changes in the industry. IT professionals must think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to problems.

Having a forum to share knowledge and ideas helps leaders to take the right decision.  

GLOBAL IT LEADERS FORUM is a forum created for IT LEADERS. It's a forum where IT LEADERS can 

  • Discuss emerging technology 

  • Discuss issues prevailing in IT Industry 

  • Market their products and service

  • Network with their potential partners. 

  • Ultimately increase the bottom line. 


It's a forum for IT LEADERS. So we have some requirements to be part of this forum. 

  • You must be part of the IT Industry 

  • You must be a Leader managing a team in IT Industry. Like - as CEO, CTO, COO, CXO, VP, Director, Manager

How can you be involved?

We often get asked this question, How can we be involved? 

You can be part of the GITL Forum  

  • As a "Guest Speaker". 

  • As a "Volunteer" helping us in running these events.

  • As a "Sponsor" for these events.

How can sponsors benefit?

Sponsors will benefit in the following ways. 

  • Sponsors' banners will be displayed in the Event Location and also a video will be added in virtual waiting rooms.

  • 60-sec pitch (advertisement) of the product or service will be displayed in a virtual setup and on all media available.

  • The sponsor can send his representative for a 60-sec pitch.

  • The sponsor would get all details of the attendees and similarly, attendees will get sponsor details.  This is to enable business amongst them.

When is the event?

We had a successful event in August 2022. With "Deborah Peppard" as our Guest speaker. 

Our next event is scheduled to be on the Last week of Feb 2023.  Watch this space, we will post the details. 

We are planning to have at least 6 events in a calendar year. It will be on a "Hybrid setup".  Each city in Australia will have at least 1 event per year. 


Where can i get the recordings and updates?

All recordings, resources and updates are posted in a LinkedIn Group. We invite you to join our LinkedIn Group. 


Global IT Leader Forum 

FREE Linkedin group

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